Estonia – Baltic Partnership

estonia-partnershipWe have a vision of ringing the capital city with life giving churches and a goal of seeing 7000 people come to Jesus in the next 10 years. Our ‘guy on the ground’ in Estonia is Pastor Miguel Zayas who has lived in Tallinn for nearly 15 years. He has pastored Vineyard Tallinn since its inception, he initiated the 1st ever National Prayer Breakfast which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, and he leads a Bible study for members of parliament. Our work in Estonia has also involved working with several orphanages, numerous camps, concerts and a residential maternity center, all with the goal of bringing the Gospel to this former Soviet block nation. Our next initiative is to form a Baltic partnership and plant churches in the nations of Latvia and Lithuania as well as Estonia. We desire to see a network of thriving Vineyard churches throughout all the Baltic States.


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