Kuzaan & Clarien van den Berg – Covenant House Ministries

Van den Berg

Kuzaan and Clarien have been on the mission field for over 15 years. The last several years they have been working in the rural villages of Estonia. They have established children’s ministries and youth work in communities where those ministries were floundering or did not exist.  They have held camps for the young people and have even been able to work in some of the local schools to help the children. They have also spoken in several churches in the less populated areas of Estonia and have taught and led YWAM events in Finland and Latvia. Kuzaan is an accomplished Rugby player and coach and has been able to use that skill to minister to young men in several countries. They are currently in the United States on furlough.


Please visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CovenantLighthouseMinistries